Discord pfp zoom

It's very easy to enlarge and download any discord pfp in few steps.

Discord pfp zoom

Download any Discord pfp in just a few steps.
You can easily enlarge and view our site.

We'll show you in just a few steps what you have to do to enlarge a pfp (profile picture).

  • Pick a user
  • Copy his userid
  • Insert the userid into the search on our site
  • Click on "Enlarge"
  • View pfp

What is Discord pfp?

"Pfp" is an abbreviation for Profilepicture. The abbreviation is often used to express that it is about a profile picture of a user.
In Discord, the profile pictures are shown very small. So it's difficult to see exactly what's in an image.

The profile pictures cannot simply be enlarged on Discord.

How to enlarge Discord pfp?

You can click on a user in Discord. Then a small window will open showing some information about the user. Including the Discord username with number, the online status of the user and any flags that he has activated.

You can also see how long a user has been a member of Discord.

You can then click on the slightly larger profile picture and a new window will appear.

You can now see more information about the Discord user in the user window.
First you will see user information about the user. You can also see which servers you and the selected user are both on via the "Shared Servers" tab.

Finally, there is the "Mutual Friends" tab. There you can obviously see all the users you are both friends with.

But the really important thing in the user window is the slightly larger profile picture of the user, which you can see at the top. However, this image is still quite small and cannot be enlarged any further.

So to enlarge this user's pfp, all you have to do is copy their userid.
Here we explain how exactly you find the Discord userid.

Enlarge the profile picture

Copy the userid and paste it into the search on our home page.
You can then click on "enlarge" and you will be redirected to the subpage where you can see the enlarged pfp .

Just follow these few steps and grow any discord pfp easily and quickly.

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Discord pfp zoom

It's very easy to enlarge and download any discord pfp in few steps.

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