Discord userid lookup

It's that easy to do a Discord user lookup with the userid

Discord userid lookup

Get any Discord user by their userid with our simple tool.
All you need is a Discord user's userid, which you can enter on our site. You will get back the username with discord number and their profile picture.

What is the Discord userid anyway?

The Discord userid is a universal identifier used to identify a Discord user.
The ID is automatically assigned by Discord and is only relevant to Discord's API and internal systems.
The Discord userid allows data of a Users can be easily queried and references can be made between users and data.

Why do you need the userid?

The userid is hidden by default in Discord and is not displayed. Here you can learn how to find discord userid.

To do this, open Discord's settings, select "advanced" and look for the "developer mode" option. The developer mode can be activated in the upper section of the Discord settings.
Now the userid can be found for each user by right-clicking.
On the mobile phone or tablet, the user menu opens by pressing and holding.

Api calls can be made with the userid.
These return, for example, a user object with various data. This allows bots to move or moderate a Discord user to channels.

Lookup for Discord users

The lookup can be done very easily with our site.
You only need the userid and you can already find out various data about a user on Discord.
You can use the userid See data like name, Discord ID, profile picture and a banner.
The lookup also shows you which flags a user has enabled and what they mean.

So try it out and do a lookup for a user with our site. Have fun.

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Discord userid lookup

It's that easy to do a Discord user lookup with the userid

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